The Challenge

For the global nickel market, we see 3 major themes:

1. There is not enough current Nickel production for EVs

  • Current Market setup to supply Stainless Steel
  • New Demand for EVs doesn’t have a current Supply

→ within a decade EVs will become the majority of Ni Demand

2. EVs require Ni with Low Carbon Cost

  • In Jan 2024 all Euro EVs will require Footprint declarations
  • A new consideration for Nickel miners

→ Ni price will be differentiated by carbon

3. Complications exist beyond Carbon

  • Geopolitical- Access: Ukraine war excludes Russia, Taiwan concerns complicate Asia
  • Geopolitical-Protectionism: US (and soon Euro) legislation continues to shrink global options
  • General ESG: environment challenges like deepwater tailings, safe and fair labour, unclear ownership

→ Buyers are now coming up the value-chain, to partner with the right companies and secure supply

EV Nickel plans to supply new Clean Nickel™, from Canada